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Towards a visual hierarchy of Open Badges | Doug Belshaw's blog

Some thoughts, links, and considerations from work I've been doing this week.


What leads to your aims? |

Interesting consensus-based decision-making tool.


Using Algorithms to Determine Character | The New York Times

This is why 'character' and 'grit' are such problematic terms.


THE PROTO-INTERNET | More Intelligent Life


The early telegraph routes were strikingly similar to today’s internet pathways...


Butterick’s Practical Typography

Great resource to turn to if unsure about formatting, syntax, presentation,e tc.


Too Long; Didn't Read - #5

So much good stuff in Ian O'Byrne's latest newsletter.


Higher Education : Access Denied — Learning {Re}imagined — Medium

I need to write something about this, but not right now.


Habit Creep: The Proven, Reasonable and Totally Unsexy Way to Become More Successful | James Clear

This is great. I've kind of plateaued at the moment. Last year, after tracking everything and realising there seemed to be a correlation between running and migraines, I stopped running. This forced me, just after moving house, to start new routines. Now, I go to the gym or swimming pretty much every day at 11:30am. I eat kale, I use protein supplements. When I'm in London, instead of doing no exercise for two days, I've found swimming pool.

Small tweaks can lead to big dividends. The trick is to avoid plateauing, as I seem to have done. How can you kick it up a notch? Extra lengths in the pool, heavier weights, and longer on the rowing machines would be the obvious answers. But what about standing more instead of sitting? Eating less sugar at the weekends? Improving my morning routine?


OnePlus 2 Hands-On: So Good, It Makes Me Want To Leave Verizon | Gizmodo

I'm happy with the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact I bought a couple of weeks ago, but if I was buying now, I'd be tempted to go with this instead.


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Stuff people carry with the, every day in their bags.