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Sherbit - Personal Analytics

Kind of like a more privacy-conscious



Voting on smartphones made simple.


I'm Warren Ellis, and This Is How I Work | Lifehacker

Just catching up. This one's great!


The Setup / Jean Yang

Wise words: "I'm skeptical of software fetishism. I firmly believe in taking time away from technology so we can listen to our minds. I've found refocusing through yoga, meditation, and journaling to be far better for productivity and creativity than, for instance, using programs like RescueTime and LeechBlock to "optimize" my time at the computer."


No comment feature on Ian's new blog theme (I don't think?) so replying here. Ian talks about flitting between productivity methods, which reminded me of this from Clay Shirky:

"That having been said, I actually don't want a "dream setup." I know people who get everything in their work environment just so, but current optimization is long-term anachronism. I'm in the business of weak signal detection, so at the end of every year, I junk a lot of perfectly good habits in favor of awkward new ones."